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Unlock your imagination and discover the latest black technology in the showroom


"People don't necessarily remember your name, but they will always remember to shake hands with you."


This sentence of the famous marketing master Huaiyuan confirms the development trend of the exhibition hall industry in the past ten years: from the beginning of the display of only items, to the emergence of interpreters and projection, to the application of touch technology and AR technology in the exhibition hall Are becoming more interactive.


An interactive experience in one of them will make people more unforgettable.


As an enterprise with rich industry experience, Senke provides stable and complete smart showroom solutions for more than 20,000 exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other countries.


What black technology products are there to make the exhibition more lively and interesting?


Interactive projection-projection can also come alive


Interactive projection uses stage lighting, 3D technology, arc-curtain display systems, acoustic-optical systems, three-dimensional animation and other applications to give interactive display rich visual expression and bring immersive and shocking experience to visitors.


In the exhibition hall, according to the actual needs, the projection can be projected to the ground, or it can be projected to the wall to interact or react with human behaviors, so that rigid pictures or animations come alive and move.


If you want to give visitors an unforgettable immersive experience, interactive projection is the perfect choice for the exhibition hall.


3D simulation fire fighting-safe, efficient and low cost


By holding a real 2kg fire extinguisher and performing a fire extinguishing operation against a virtual fire source, where the fire extinguisher is sprayed in the hand, the fire in the picture will be extinguished.


The full set of experience content includes multiple scenarios such as office buildings, dormitories, canteens, and outdoor. When encountering different fire sources in different scenarios, the type of fire extinguisher that needs to be selected must also be adjusted accordingly to successfully extinguish the fire source.


Such technologies have become popular in places such as community fire safety experience rooms and fire safety education exhibition halls.


VR virtual bike-immersive interactive experience


When participants ride on a bicycle, data such as the speed, direction, pedaling strength, and weight of the person will simulate the effects in a real scene. Car experience.


The virtual bicycle system is based on virtual roaming technology, comprehensively uses sensor technology, DSP control technology, uses multi-threaded, non-blocking data real-time communication technology, and realizes human interaction in a virtual environment through multi-channel interactive technologies such as stereo display roaming.


This type of technology is very popular in exhibition halls on transportation and transportation topics such as cycling, driving, rowing, and flying.


Holographic showcase-dynamic space display


The holographic display cabinet consists of a cabinet, a beam splitter, a spotlight, and a video playback device. Based on the spectroscopic imaging principle, through the special treatment of the product's three-dimensional modeling, the perfect presentation of the holographic display cabinet allows viewers to watch without wearing any equipment. To the cool eye 3D hologram.


The three-dimensional image is suspended mid-air imaging in the real scene of the cabinet. The 360 ° three-dimensional display has a strong sense of technology and visual impact, which can interpret the rich and exquisite story behind the display.


Holographic showcases interpret products in a stylish and novel way. They are an excellent means of gathering popularity at exhibitions and stores.


Transparent showcase-fantasy experience


Senke's high-end LCD display technology has a number of structure and invention patents, 98% high-transparency screen, 0 dead light rate, and un-illuminated pixels show high transparency.


The images on the transparent screen, combined with the physical objects placed in the cabinet, comprehensively present the various attributes and details of the product.


Advanced 3D motion / still image compensation technology, through 3D color management and edge, enhancement technology, to make the visual effect as close to real as possible.


Precise sensing less than 1mm, response speed less than 5ms, Senke enhanced the smooth interaction brought by touch technology, breaking the sense of disagreement between virtual and real.


The cabinet design is not only safe and anti-theft, but also effectively prevents the product from being damaged and soiled. It is very suitable for the display of precious metals, cultural relics, luxury goods and other valuable items.


Splicing screen-flexible display of large screen and small screen

Many exhibition halls will use splicing screens, because it can be used as a large screen, or it can be transformed into multiple small screens.


No need for video format conversion, point-to-point ultra-high resolution, support for an unlimited number of windows, window pull, zoom, roam at any size, support multiple videos, multiple pictures frameless playback and carousel.


The splicing screen has almost become an indispensable assistant in the exhibition hall.


Frame advertising machine-paper-like picture


Lossless gamma with high-definition fogging image processing technology, automatic backlight adjustment, intelligent matching of oil painting, Chinese painting, and photography mode, so that each pixel can show stunning realistic effects, restore the original master.


While possessing stunning display effects, the frame advertising machine has also optimized many practical functions: remote one-click publishing, cloud review of each picture, preset time-sharing playback, multi-timer timing switch on and off, etc., allowing managers to manage simultaneously On-site exhibition halls in various regions of the country.


For painting and calligraphy exhibitions, frame advertising machines are already an essential product.


Interactive Slides-Your Talking Wall


This screen will automatically slide on the wall, and whenever it slides to a specific position, it will temporarily stop and display related introductions.

At this time, visitors can also interact with the touch screen to gain a deeper understanding of the company's historical development and product details.


Visitors are no longer confined to the explanations of the guides. Each introduction can be more specific, more comprehensive, more shocking, leave a deep impression on customers, and play a better role in promoting.


The background wall of the interactive slide rail can be a picture or a series of physical objects, which are often used in displaying corporate culture, historical development, cultural relic exhibitions, and even car shows.


In addition to the above products and technologies, Senke also has more showroom solutions, all supporting software and hardware customization. In the future, more exhibition halls will take advantage of Senck's products and technologies to bid farewell to the traditional bland display forms, incorporating interactive, intelligent, and cool elements to truly bring the exhibition halls to life.

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