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The national teaching materials and the real problems over the years, I didn't expect that ther


Senke teaching machine provides high-quality teaching resources for different schools, enriches wonderful cases, covers a comprehensive education system, and makes it easier for teachers to prepare lessons.

A complete professional teaching software, including a large number of teaching resources, a variety of interesting interactive tools, and a simple and easy-to-use teaching mode, enables teachers to teach more efficiently.

Massive teaching resources

Gather global high-quality teaching resources to meet the needs of K12's teaching aids throughout the year, covering the mainstream teaching materials such as people's education version, Beijing Normal University version, Jiangsu Education version, etc.

Teaching resources and curriculum chapters are highly intelligent matching, accurate to grade, discipline, textbook version and chapter, so that teachers can find resources quickly.


(Senke teaching integrated machine teaching material library)

Courseware, tools, materials, one-stop teaching resource library, which integrates rich teaching resources and multiple teaching interaction functions, helps teachers bid farewell to the tedious process of preparing lessons, and makes teaching leisurely.


(Senke teaching all in one machine resource base)

Courseware one click Import

Built in a large number of selected teaching courseware, one click quick positioning, search for accurate access, directly click the insert can be used, from then on farewell to the problem of preparing lessons.


(one key introduction of excellent courseware)

Through wechat code scanning, it can be controlled remotely without installing app, so that teachers can walk around the teaching platform, shorten the distance with students, achieve wonderful classroom, and truly realize interactive information-based teaching.


(remote control of mobile phone)

100 teaching tools

Mind map, abacus, balance, counter, clock, all kinds of teaching tools are available, which can be quickly called in teaching (when PPT is played), without exiting ppt.

With its own magnifying glass, spotlight, random roll call, rush to answer and other functions, it can bring more interaction for the classroom and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students in class.


(Senke teaching integrated machine tool library)

The brush should be the most widely used tool, which can mark and annotate anywhere.


(adjustable color, thickness brush)

On the left and right sides of the screen, you can call up the toolbar, which is more convenient for the teacher and does not need to run back before the screen.


(toolbar can be called up on the left and right sides)

Virtual Laboratory

There are hundreds of pre-set experiments in the 3D virtual laboratory. Teachers don't need to prepare equipment in advance, and don't worry about the danger of the experiment. By demonstrating on the large screen, each student can clearly see each step of the experiment.


(Senke teaching machine Lab)

All the visual, auditory and response effects are simulated real experiments, such as the boiling and noise of water, and all the details are very real.


(series experiment of two small bulbs)

There are nearly 300 chemical video experiments, each step is strictly in accordance with the teaching materials, standardized operation so that students do not lose points in the exam.


(chemical video experiment)

Multi subject teaching materials

In view of the requirements of teaching and presentation of key and difficult knowledge points in various disciplines, Senke integrated teaching machine carefully designed a large number of discipline tools matching with the subject knowledge points, and embodied the abstract knowledge points.


(Senke teaching integrated machine tool library)

Subject tools can touch and interact, which is much more intuitive than blackboard writing.


(center angle theorem tool)

With just a click, these tools and multimedia materials can be inserted immediately.


(one click insert tool material)

The exclusive VR and 3D resources create a situational 3D learning environment to make learning more vivid, vivid and interesting.


(Senke integrated teaching machine 3D Resource Library)

With these 3D resources, biology teachers are happy to cry.


(3D material demonstration)

Test paper exercise bank

From primary school to senior high school, the real volume, simulation volume, quality inspection volume and special volume over the years, whether national volume or local volume, have been integrated into the Senke teaching machine.


(test paper library of Senke integrated teaching machine)

In the paper can also be annotated at will, convenient for teaching.


(adjustable color, thickness brush)

At the same time, Senke provides powerful self defining function of exercises, single choice questions, filling in blank questions, reading comprehension questions, all kinds of questions are convenient for teachers to assign homework.


(teachers can create new exercises)

It is only necessary to create a class on the teaching all-in-one machine to assign homework to students.


(the assignment function needs to be bound to the class)

PPT design is easy to use

Following the design of office ppt software interface, it does not change the teachers' original habit of teaching based on ppt. It only needs simple training to start.

The built-in ppt theme skin is used free of charge to meet the display needs of different disciplines.


(many kinds of skin fit different knowledge points)

In depth cooperation with world-renowned educational institutions and content manufacturers, Senke teaching integrated machine continues to create teaching integrated machine hardware and one-stop teaching service with more complete resource types and higher quality.

In the future, Senke will provide more powerful support for teachers' teaching preparation and resource creation!

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